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Throw away the playing cards and toilet paper.  The secrets in our space age roller.  The roller acts as a squeegee and applies an even consistency of epoxy to your project,  giving you a finish smooth as glass.  The Glass EZ roller assembly and finishing system offers the modeler time savings and convenience.  The kind of results you can achieve with Glass EZ roller assembly and finishing products include,  even consistency,  no heavy spots,  no wrinkles,  no air bubbles and no sanding for hours.




Item No.895 BURNISHER (to rub down transfers), Price $ 10.00               Item No. 896  Panel Line Ink, Price $ 15.50                                     Item No.897 Technical Pen, Price $ 22.00


Item No. 2050 Glass EZ roller assembly, Price $ 17.99                          Item No. 2051 Glass EZ replacement cartridge, Price $ 12.99              Item No. 2052 Glass EZ resin, 8 oz. Price $ 9.45


Item No. 2053 Glass EZ resin 16 oz. Price $ 17.25                                Item No.2055 Fiberglass cloth .75 oz (15') Price $ 26.20                 Item No.2056 Fiberglass cloth (30') Price $ 44.60


Item No. 2057 Glass EZ DVD , Price $ 14.99                                         Item No. 2058 Glass EZ  Economy Kit, Price $52.45                      Item No. 2059 Glass EZ Deluxe kit ,  Price $ 80.49

Item No. 4052 Aluminizer , 12" x 27", Price $3.15 each


Glass Ez Economy kit and Deluxe kit include resin , roller assembly, replacement roller and fiberglass cloth.


Panel line ink is the same ink we use for our Precision Scale Dry transfer decals.  Simple to use ,  just pour our ink into your technical pen and use it as usual. Panel line ink comes in black, white, light gray, medium gray and dark gray.   The ink will dry almost immediately and once dry will not smudge it touched.  If you make a mistake simply use 99% isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel and the line can be removed.  Alcohol will smudge and remove lines.


The Aluminizer is a self adhesive mylar that once applied is nearly permanent.  The thinness of the Aluminizer gives your airplane the effect of highly polished aluminum skin while adding little weight to the airplane.